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“KYKLOS” is a short film promoting the unique natural wealth of north-eastern Greece; a twelve-minute trip through the four seasons of the year in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.Virgin forests, wetlands full of life, beaches isolated from any sign of civilization, rivers with impressive waterfalls, mesmerizing mountains…a real paradise for nature lovers.

Through ''KYKLOS'', the viewer will get the chance to see many natural landscapes of North-eastern Greece, some of which are : Samothraki, mt Paggaio, mt Falacro, Fractos virgin forest, Dadia forest, Delta of river Evros, Vistonida lake, river Nestos.

The ultimate purpose of this film is to remind ourselves that we are an integral part of nature.No matter how distant from it we have become,we still remain part of its circle.When the human soul accepts this as a fact,then it will be able to embrace the tough and easy,the ugly and beautiful,the bad and good..

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